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Medieval Minstrels

Medieval Minstrels For HireThe Medieval Minstrels are a group of musicians specialising in music and entertainment from the Medieval and Elizabethan periods. They play a wide range of fascinating instruments including the Lute, Crumhorn, Racket, Shaw and Psaltery. For larger events, this flexible group of entertainers can be expanded to include jugglers, jesters, fire eaters and dancers.

A perfect accompaniment to dinners and banquets taking place in historic castles, stately homes, museum gallery’s and other fine venues.

Recent themed dinners with the Medieval Minstrels performing have taken place at Southsea Castle, Highclere Castle, Tower of London, Goodwood House, Bailiffs Court.

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Example Repertoire

Ronde Greensleeves
A Chantar Bear Dance
Tourndoin All My Joy
Ductia Saltarello
Kings Pavanne Riu Riu Chiu
Danza Alta Trotto