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Fanfare Trumpet Team

Fanfare Trumpet Team LondonA Fanfare Trumpet Team performing a stately fanfare, will instantly command the attention of guests attending a wedding, dinner, product launch or ceremonial occasion. A team of fanfare trumpeters will usually comprise of 2 or 4 musicians, however larger ensembles are available when required.

Dressed in distinctive red tailcoats and performing on traditional long silver trumpets, the presence of a fanfare team will make any occasion feel very special indeed.

Perfect addition for State Visits, Sporting Events, Masonic & Livery Banquets, providing high visual impact. Regular venues include: Tower of London, Banqueting House, HMS Victory, Guildhall, Stationers Hall, HMS Belfast.

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Example Fanfares

Celebration Fanfare Dignified Fanfare (4 Tpts)
Tannhauser Fanfare (2 Tpts) They’re Here
VIP Fanfare Birthday Fanfare
Larkhill Fanfare (4 Tpts) Dinner Call Fanfare
State Occasion Fanfare