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Evening Wedding Reception

Evening Wedding Reception Party Band

With all the formalities over, guests wined and dined, it’s now time for the evening wedding reception. Socialising and dancing, often with additional guests invited.

Whilst a DJ can cover everything you require in terms of entertainment for the evening reception, if budget allows, then a live party band really will end the day off well!

Our party bands mostly range from 4 – 6 musicians, many of which have graduated from contemporary music college or bring a wealth of experience working as a professional musician. Each band will provide a good sound system along with a simple but effective lighting rig.

It has long been a tradition for the bride and groom to have the ‘first dance’. With enougCaricaturist for evening wedding receptionh notice, most party bands will arrange and learn your chosen song ready for the evening.

Most venues will require visiting bands to have adequate public liability insurance with electrical equipment PAT certified. Kaleidoscope will provide you with the necessary documentation required.

In addition to musical accompaniment, you may wish to consider a table magician or caricaturist entertaining whilst guest relax between dances.

Useful tip: Sound limiters are now installed within many wedding venues. If your venue has such restrictions, then a 10 piece soul band will probably be out of the question! Venues have to abide by the rules of the limiter or risk losing their licence to hold future events. With some careful planning and use of professional musicians, everything is achievable.

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